Superhero Cape

Happy Monday!  We had a busy but fun-packed weekend.  We took Ethan to Sesame Street Live at the Fox Theatre in Detroit.  This was Ethan’s second live show and I think he enjoyed it more this time around.  He attended his first show back in September of last year when he was 16-months-old.  He is now 20-months-old.  More about his first show experience is blogged here.

The Sesame Street show we went to was called “Elmo’s Super Heroes”.  So naturally, I thought superhero cape!  It would be so appropriate for a superhero show, right?  I’ve always wanted to make Ethan a cape for his dress-up box (which doesn’t exist yet but I love the thought of it), and what better time than to make one now!

I used a pattern and tutorial by Georgia Leigh found here.  I googled many capes and this was the one I liked best.  And I was glad I went with it.  The pattern was so simple and the instructions were clear.  I think the hardest part for me was choosing the perfect color combination!  I wanted to make the cape reversible and I knew I wanted one side to have sort of a baby-ish look and the other side to have an actual superhero look.  I think I did a good job accomplishing this goal.  And I love to applique so this turned out to be a fun project.  I am very happy with the results.

Here are some pictures of the cape.  It’s not exactly completed yet though — I still haven’t top-stitched the cape to close the hole on the bottom that I used for turning.  I literally semi-finished the cape two minutes before we bolted out the house to leave for the show.  Thankfully, you can’t see the hole too much since I gave it a few good presses.  I may actually blind-stitch the opening closed instead.  I used snaps rather than velcro for the cape closure.

So our original plan was to have Ethan nap in the car on our way to Detroit since the show begins during nap time (2:00pm).  Plan failed.  We brought an overtired toddler to the show.  But he did surprisingly well — no whining or crying for the most part, although we did give him his very own popcorn.  He was very interested in the show and we were quite pleased.

Here is Ethan enjoying the show.  We sat at the first row on the mezzanine level which worked out really well because we had a ton of space for Ethan to move around and he was able to stand and lean on the ledge over the balcony.  And dance too!

As it turned out, no one else wore a cape to the show, although we did receive some kind comments and smiles from onlookers.

Here are some pictures of Ethan testing out his superpowers.  I love this little boy!

And one more — just because he looks so cute holding his Super Grover!

And finally, the big news of today:  Ethan pooped in his potty for the first time today!  Yay!  And yes, he received a sticker for it.  He happily stuck it on his potty board.  My baby has turned into a little boy!

xoxo, Jen


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