Birthday on the Brain…

Well, hello there!  I’ve completely skipped a month on here.  It’s been that busy.  Ahhh.  I had my family visiting us from the east coast in April and it was so much fun showing them around Los Angeles.  But as soon as they left, I began to freak out a little.  Just a little.  Maybe a lot.

My baby’s birthday was around the corner and I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do for him.  I had toyed with a few ideas throughout the year, but didn’t have anything firm.  Ethan is really into Batman.  I mean really into it.  He loves pretending he’s a superhero.  I hear about his adventures everyday.  It’s so adorable.  But gosh, it’s so big boyish!  He’s a little dude now.  And he’s not even three yet!  I had envisioned his third birthday party to be cute and sweet… you know, still sort of a babyish type party.  Nope, not for Ethan.  No spring theme, no animal theme, no nautical theme.  None of that.  He insisted on a Batman party.  Ok, we can make that work — a cute, vintage superhero party!

So off to pinning I went… every night, I would spend hours perusing the many superhero themed birthday parties on Pinterest.

So there you have it!  I had birthday on the brain for the last few weeks and was on party planning mode (aka pinning mode).  But, I did create an invitation!  Nothing fancy.  I used PowerPoint to create it.

{chirpy threads} superhero birthday invitation

And, I also made a shiny superhero cape for Ethan!  The first one I made him last year was a little short, so I added an inch to this one.  Should have added more length though.  Oh well!  It’s still pretty darn cute, I think!  It was also my first time sewing with satin.  I nearly ruined my machine!  For some reason, I thought I needed a special needle for satin.  I thought a sharper Microtex needle would work.  Um, nope!  Don’t ever use a Microtex needle with satin!  It kept pulling all the threads out of the material.  So there’s my tip of the day!

{chirpy threads} reversible batman superman cape

And that’s all I’ve done so far… sadly.  Less than two weeks left!  I need to zoom into action quick!  Wish me luck!

xoxo, Jen


11 thoughts on “Birthday on the Brain…

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  2. invitation is great! I was able to duplicate for my son’s birthday… Love the simple and budget ideas… where would I get the red-adhesive felt to do the lettering for each kids?

    • Glad to hear, Carole! You can find the adhesive-backed felt at any craft store. I got mine at Michaels. They’re 8.5″x11″ in size. I was able to make twelve shields using only two sheets with extra felt left over! And, each sheet was like $1 each. Good luck! 🙂

      • Thanks Jennifer for the reply, I am now attempting to make the cape, where did you get the adhesive start? I want to do the initial as well but might be too much work 😉 I do not sew so what isthe best material and affordable and simple for me to attempt todo.. I will start with the birthday boy first.

        eek! itis in 2 weeks!

      • No problem! I sewed my capes but there are tons of tutorials online for no-sew capes. Yup, the felt I used had a sticker backing so I cut the shape out, and then let the kids peel off the backing to stick them on their shirts.

        Good luck, you can do it! Feel free to email me too if you have any more questions! 🙂

      • may be dumb question and it think I saw at Hobby Lobby they are like sticker for the adhesive correct?

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