Pikachu Costume!

Pikachu Costume {chirpy threads}Hey there! This year, Ethan wanted to be Pikachu for Halloween! Although he is only four, and doesn’t know too much about Pokemon, he loves this cute little yellow character. It was between a moth and Pikachu, so I’m happy with his decision! This will be my second Halloween sewing him a costume. Last year, he was a spider – which was also really fun to make.

Pikachu Costume {chirpy threads}

I made this Pikachu costume virtually the same way as the spider costume. It is a pullover hooded vest that is cinched on the bottom with elastic. The pullover from last year was self-drafted and I basically just used that as a guide and made it a little wider and longer for this year. All of the yellow fabric is anti-pill fleece (from Joann) and the brown and black details are felt material. The top of the lightning bolt tail, which is stuffed with poly-fil, is sewn into the back to keep it from flopping down. It still flops, but from side to side. The ears are also filled with poly-fil. There he is in the above photos, being silly and trying to do a handstand!

Pikachu Costume {chirpy threads}

The hood is lined with a yellow cotton interlock that I also found at Joann. For the pants, I used Dana’s basic pant pattern and just made it a tad bit wider and longer. Super easy sew. The shirt, which is also made from the yellow cotton interlock, was made using Rae’s flashback skinny tee pattern. This was my first time sewing a shirt – and although there is a lot I need to improve on, it turned out not as bad as I thought it would! I used a regular sewing machine and I didn’t even need to change my needle! Crazy, huh. I think it was because cotton interlock is a thicker type of knit. Anyway, it was a breeze to sew! I also didn’t hem the sleeves as it turned out to be the perfect arm length for Ethan. I guess I could have added cuffs but I was too excited that his costume was finally completed and actually wearable!

Pikachu Costume {chirpy threads}

I also made a Pokeball trick-or-treat bag to go with the costume. Pretty basic stuff – just a huge 14×32 rectangle folded in half and sewn along the edges with the corners boxed. I used duck cloth for this so it is very sturdy and holds well. The pokeball is appliquéd on in pieces of red, white, and black felt.

Pikachu Costume / Pokeball Bag {chirpy threads}

And now, I have a cute little boy running around the house shouting “pika, pika” all day! He sure loves getting into character!

Pikachu Costume {chirpy threads}

Pikachu Costume {chirpy threads}

And I leave you with this last photo of Ethan cooking up some tasty spider, cockroach, and glow-in-the-dark fingers stew! Delicious!

Pikachu Costume {chirpy threads}

Happy Halloween, guys! Be safe out there!

xoxo, Jen


4 thoughts on “Pikachu Costume!

  1. Hey Jen, It’s Judy from Dragon Story, Ethan’s grandma. Did you make the teepee, my Ethan would love one. Love your Ethan’s costume.

    • Hi Judy! Thanks so much. Yes, I made the teepee tent! I sewed six panels of duck cloth together and used six long wood rods to hold it all up. If you’d like more details, I can e-mail you separately! 🙂

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