Rustic Ruler Growth Chart

I’ve wanted to make a growth chart for Ethan for quite a while now.  And seeing that he recently turned two, I knew I had to bump the project up to priority status!  I wanted to mark his height every year on the chart.

My vision of the growth chart was simple.  I wanted a wood chart that resembled something like a ruler.  A piece of art that we could hang on a visible area in the living room.   I also wanted it to resemble a vintage piece, really distressed and rustic looking.  There are so many DIY growth charts out there but this one and this one inspired me the most.

And so our journey began.  We didn’t have any wood on hand so we went to Home Depot to purchase a board.  Funny story – we went into the store with intentions to spend close to nothing, but instead walked out with a $25 piece of wood!  The wood board was labeled $4.25.  Silly me.  I thought that was the price of the whole board.  We were a bit taken aback when the cashier stated $25 – it was priced by the foot!  Since we had it cut (and didn’t want to cause an unnecessary scene) we just bought it anyway.  And then justified the purchase on the car ride back home!

There was immense pressure to make this thing perfect – we couldn’t screw up this expensive piece of wood now!  We first painted the board with a gray primer, then painted two coats of white over that.  Next, I marked the ruler lines with pencil on the board and then traced over them with a black paint pen.

I bought number stickers at Michaels after drooling over this growth chart.  I really liked the size and font of the numbers.  I peeled off the number and stuck the backing on the board to use as a stencil.  I then painted black over the stencil.

After peeling off the stickers, the final (and most time consuming) part was to sand down the board.  This was actually a two day process for me.  My fingers would hurt after a half hour of straight sanding.  Ugh!  But it was so worth it.  I LOVE how it turned out!

Here is my happy boy enjoying his growth chart!

And finally, I need to give my husband credit for applying the finishing touch — neatly and carefully installing the board onto the wall!

xoxo, Jen


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