Boston Red Sox Shirt

We took Ethan to his first baseball game this past weekend on Easter Sunday.  Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park.  Being from Boston, we are huge Sox fans and had to go show our support. It was a very close game, and they ended up losing, but we still had a blast!

As usual, my go-to sewing project for any holiday or special occasion is an appliqued shirt.  It’s so easy!  The gray shirt is from Target — on sale for $3.  The appliques were cut out from old t-shirts that I found in my closet.  I wanted to use cotton knit for them, so it worked out perfect.  Plus, I just love to repurpose clothing when I can!

I cut out two B’s, one slightly larger than the first, and placed the smaller one on top of the larger one to show an outline.  I only sewed the edges of the inner B because I wanted the white outline to curl in after washing to produce a vintage effect.  I haven’t washed the shirt yet so I don’t know if this will work but I can only cross my fingers and hope that it does!

I also appliqued a number two on the back of the t-shirt.  I thought it was appropriate since Ethan will be turning two next month!

And I leave you with a picture of Ethan (and daddy) on the tiger carousel! 

xoxo, Jen


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