Easter Basket

Ethan already has several Easter baskets given to him by friends, but I couldn’t resist making him another one after seeing all the cute handmade ones out there on the web!  And so I whipped one up last minute.  This basket is very similar to the bucket for toy cars I made.  I made this one a little bigger and attached one strap to both sides as a single handle so it would look more like a basket.  To make the basket sturdier, I fused decor bond interfacing to the lining.  I definitely took a risk with that — I would normally add interfacing to the main outside fabric, but it turned out not so bad.  I really wanted the basket to look soft.  I appliqued a little felt bunny to the front for a little subtle but festive flair.  And of course I had to stamp Ethan’s name inside the basket again for a personal touch!  I got my inspiration here.  I just loved the look of the cotton batting as the main fabric.  So simple and clean, yet so soft and cozy!

Hope you all have a great Easter!

xoxo, Jen


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