One Teaspoon Full

Ethan requested his colorful Cheerios cereal and blueberries for breakfast this morning.  I gave him one of his usual spoons to eat with. Yes, with a 21-month-old, this was a disaster waiting to happen!  And sure enough, the little monster made a huge mess.  Milk was all over the place.

But I didn’t blame him.  He was using the spoon correctly.  The spoon was just a little too flat for scooping up milk and cereal.  I looked through all of his other spoons to find a better one.  Hmmm, they all looked about the same.  Pretty flat and not rounded or deep enough for holding liquids.  Then it hit me — I’ll give him a measuring spoon!  I could only find a clean teaspoon one, so that’s what he got.  And I have to tell you, it worked like a charm!  The cereal rings and blueberries stayed on the spoon.  So proud of myself for quickly thinking on my feet – because I rarely do that anymore since having a baby.

another spoon added to the collection

Anyway, this will be his new go-to spoon — and I didn’t even need to spend a dime!  Perfect for macaroni, peas, rice, mashed potatoes, ice cream (yes, he eats ice cream sometimes – with sprinkles too!), and everything else!

and here he is, testing out each of his spoons, eating his pretend “mac-mac”

Happy Leap Day!

xoxo, Jen


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