Bucket for Toy Cars

Ethan’s new thing is toy cars.  You know, the little diecast metal ones by Hot Wheels?  Yes, they are everywhere around the house.  And I’m sure his collection will continue to grow.

Ethan loves to line up all his cars!

In an effort to better organize things around the house, I made a small fabric bucket for Ethan to store his cars in.  Um… not that he will actually keep his cars in it, but at least I can keep them organized in their own little home!

He loved putting the cars into the bucket, then of course dumping them out again!

This bucket measures 4.5″ x 4″ x 3.75″.  Very tiny for very tiny hands!  I used fusible fleece as inferfacing.  However, I would probably choose something a little firmer next time as the bucket was still a little floppy.  But I just love the fleece because it’s so easy to work with.  I appliqued a little blue car to the front of it and also added a label stamped with Ethan’s name on the lining for fun.  FYI, I used a fabric ink pad for the stamping so his name should stay on the label after washing.

I need to make more of these to hold his other little loose toys (dinosaurs, trains, play food, etc.).  That way, each set will have their own home and will be easier to find.  Everything is currently in one huge box (or scattered on the floor or under the sofa).  Ugh.

Of course the cars are thirsty too -- how would they function without tea? 🙂

Did I also mention he is really into hats too? Hats of any sort apparently!

Yes, very stylish I must say . . .

. . . very stylish indeed!

Sorry for all the photos — I just couldn’t help myself!  There are about 50 more but I won’t torture you with a longer post.  Thanks for viewing my blog if you’ve got this far!  Also, I plan to create a tutorial for this tiny fabric bucket soon, so look out for it if you’re interested!

OK, last one, I promise!

xoxo, Jen


7 thoughts on “Bucket for Toy Cars

    • thanks! I had made a wine bag a while back, and sort of just altered the dimensions to make a small bucket. I just sewed up a folded rectangle and boxed the corners. I made the lining the same way and added the two together. I drew a car applique and added it to the front of the bucket before sewing it all together 🙂 thanks so much for stopping by!

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