Oliver + S bucket hat

We are going to Cancun in a couple weeks for a friend’s wedding.  I’m excited since I’ve never been before.  It will be so nice to be in warm weather and see some sun, sand and water!

I’ve decided that it was time to make Ethan the bucket hat from the Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book.  I thought, Ethan could use a sun hat while down in Mexico.  I love when I come across things that I just “need” to make.  🙂  By the way, this bucket hat pattern can also be found here for free.  I came across it while searching for images of other bucket hats for inspiration.

This was a fairly simple project.  The pattern was pretty straightforward.  The only part I had a little trouble with was the hand blind-stitching at the end to finish off the hat.  The hat is reversible, but I think Ethan will only be wearing one side of it (the side that wasn’t hand stitched).  Hehe.  I made the hat in a size 12-24 months and I think it’s a tad small on Ethan’s head so I plan to make him another one in a size 3-5 years.  That sounds so big (for a 20 month old) but I think the sizing must run small. Or perhaps I should have measured his head before I started the project!

And here’s one more picture of Ethan.  Yes, he was giving me the puppy dog face.  I think he was done and wanted me to stop taking pictures of him!  He wasn’t in the mood to model unless he could play with his pretend food (and have his pacifier).

xoxo, Jen


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