Mustache Love Shirt

I realized today that Ethan didn’t have a Valentine’s shirt to wear tomorrow, so I needed to whip one up really quick.  The easiest way to make a festive shirt is to applique a store-bought one.  I used a solid gray long-sleeved shirt from Ethan’s closet.  He’s worn this shirt many times already and it is actually a tad small for him, but at least I don’t have to worry about messing it up if it didn’t turn out right.

I decided on a mustache love shirt that I saw at Finley & Oliver.  It was just too adorable to resist making, so here it is.  Super easy.  I had to reduce the size of the applique template because Ethan’s shirt was so tiny.

Today is also our anniversary.  My husband brought home some beautiful roses for me during his lunch break.  The only vases we have here are plain and boring looking.  I thought that maybe I could dress one up with some burlap I had leftover from my banner project.  I cut out a rectangle from the fabric, folded it in half, and sewed the long and short sides together.  I left about 6 inches on the long side unsewn so that I could fold it down to form a cuff.  I then turned it right side out, and put my boring, clear glass vase inside the sack.  That was it.  So simple.  It literally took me 5 minutes to complete.  And it looks like something that came from Pottery Barn (as least I think so)!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xoxo, Jen


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