Washi Tape

My new obsessions at the moment: washi tape and stamps!  Washi tape is the new craft and decorating craze in Japan that recently made its way to the States.  It’s basically very pretty masking tape that you can just about stick anywhere to make something special (i.e., cards and gift wrapping).  It is also known as paper tape or tissue paper tape.  Sounds like an easy thing to make, right?

This is what they look like (taken from happy tape):

I really love them for card making, but they are a bit pricey.  And since I always love a good challenge, I googled tutorials on how to make washi tape.  I stumbled upon one that I really loved.  It involves using double-sided tape, tissue paper, and stamps.  You can find the tutorial here.  The stamps and ink colors used are all so pretty.  The blog is affiliated with an online store called Papertrey Ink that sells these stamps and inks.  I absolutely LOVE them all and cannot wait to order some so that I can try to make these stamped washi tapes.

These are from the tutorial.  The tapes were used on a card.  Brilliant idea!

I will add this project to my never-ending list of things to make!  I actually want to use this idea to make Ethan’s birthday invitations.  His birthday isn’t until May so I have some time.  But it’s never too early to plan ahead, right?!!  🙂

xoxo, Jen


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