New Beginnings

Hello!  So it’s been a few months since I last posted.  That isn’t the way it’s supposed to be!  I vow to write more in this new year.  Seriously!

We didn’t do anything on New Year’s Eve simply because we have our little tot with us who goes to bed around eight o’clock every night.  We did, however, stay up until midnight to wish each other a very happy new year and clink a couple of glasses!  We are getting lamer by the minute as we grow older, I know.

We decided to cook New Year’s Day brunch though.  I would be in charge of one dish and my husband would make another.  I ended up making a quiche-like dish called Potato Florentine Strata which I had at a friend’s home before.  I loved it so much that I had asked her to share the recipe, which she kindly did.  Anyway, it turned out great!  It wasn’t perfect, but it was still delicious.  The crust was made out of hash browns, and, while it tasted fine, I realized that I hadn’t completely soaked out all of the moisture from it like the recipe instructed.  Oh well, there is always a next time, right?  It was an awesome attempt though, and I’m sure anyone who was having the dish for the first time wouldn’t notice.  But since I had it before, I was prone to compare!  My husband made some really tasty sausage patties to complement my dish.  He added some Granny Smith apples and sage to it.  And although I am normally not a fan of mixing fruit into any other types of food, this sausage was actually good.  Yum!

Here are a few pictures of our creations:

And here is Ethan devouring his brunch:

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!



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