It’s finally here!

Today was the last day of Ethan’s music class for the summer.  Classes will resume again in September.  This time, we signed up for Friday classes 10:00am.  The 9:00am classes are just too early for us.  I always feel like we are rushing to get out the door.  Although, we are probably always rushing no matter what time it is.  LOL.  I always seem to forget that it takes twice as long to get ready with a toddler around.  Hopefully, the later class will work better for us though.  We shall see!  Here are some pictures from class today.

So the big news of the day is… my sewing machine arrived!  Yay!  I was so excited.  I have taken it out of the box, but have not tried to operate it yet.  I want to read the manual a little bit before I even touch it!  However, it will be so hard to expore the machine with Ethan around during the day tomorrow.  I’ll probably end up going back to Joann Fabrics again tomorrow to get some materials to work on.  I can’t believe I will finally begin my sewing adventure. I know, I’m a little dorky, but I’m so excited!  Here are some pictures of Ethan on the sewing machine box.  He climbed up on it all by himself.  I guess he was just as excited too!  He’s so adorable!!

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes with my new “toy”!  I’m off to a late dinner now!

Good night!

♥ Jen

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