Happy Monday

Good morning! 

We had a long day yesterday and I was too exhausted to post last night.  So our jumperoo didn’t sell after all.  The woman wanted something more “new looking”.  Well, maybe she should just go out and buy a new one then!

I took Ethan to a free “Dancing with Babies” class held at the Traverwood Library yesterday.  It was hosted by Robin Robinson, who teaches the Music Together class that Ethan is currently enrolled in.  Ethan just loves his music classes.  He’s been taking them since he was 3-months-old.  It’s so amazing to watch him grow through all the classes.  He first started out just laying on the floor with me hovered over him singing and playing instruments to him.  Now, he is so mobile, dancing to the music and playing instruments by himself.  And it all happens so fast!  Too fast! 

We saw a friend at the library and ended up staying there for a couple hours to let our toddlers play.  I love that there is a “playroom” and toys available for them to play with.  I ended up leaving with two sewing books.  🙂

Time to put Ethan down for a nap.  Will update later!

♥ Jen


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