Bye-bye Jumperoo!

Well, the Jumperoo finally sold!  Ethan kept playing with it as I showed off some of its features to the buyer when she came over.  And surprisingly, he didn’t appear too sad when she took it away!  However, I will miss it dearly.  *sniff*  This jumperoo gave us many fond memories of Ethan’s early infant life.  Ethan loved, loved, loved it when we first got it for him.  He was a cute little jumper for sure!  At least we got him jumping in it on video.  So, moving on…

Bye-bye Jumperoo!
My husband had the day off today, so we went to the Tanger Outlets in Howell, MI.  It was our first time there.  Pretty average and standard as far as outlets go.  We did pick up a few things for ourselves though 🙂  I think Ethan found the shopping boring as he whined quite a bit, so we let him roam free (from the stroller) in a few stores.  Luckily, every store was nearly empty.  That’s the great thing about shopping on a Monday.  We also put him on a couple of coin-operated rides, which he didn’t really like.  These days, Ethan is either hit or miss with everything!  Things that he used to like may not appeal to him anymore.  This goes for toys, books, food… everything!  He’s beginning to get very picky.  I hope this is just a normal toddler phase that will dissipate.

Ethan on a Thomas the Train ride

We have music class early tomorrow morning, so I better get some rest now.

Good night!

♥ Jen


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