Weekend is here…

Happy Saturday!  Early morning for us today.  We had to rise early to follow my husband to a truck parts shop.  He needed to drop off his truck to get it lowered, so we followed him so that he can ride back home with us.  Guy thing, I guess.  It was all good though, because we stopped by at Starbucks after, and also went by Joann Fabrics, which was also in the area.

I wanted to look at the sewing machines in Joann Fabrics.  I had been researching sewing machines for the longest time now.  I have always wanted to sew (well, learn to sew) but just never had the time nor opportunity to start.  Initially, I wanted a Brother sewing machine, since this is the brand that the contestants use on Project Runway.  But I’ve also looked into Singer since all the old-school people have told me that this brand has been around since forever.  I spoke with a seasoned old-timer at Joann Fabrics today while browsing their selection of sewing machines.  She told me that she had her Singer machine since 1975 and it finally broke yesterday, so she was hunting for a new one.  She also mentioned that they don’t make them like they used to, meaning they used to be much more sturdier.  Well, times have changed, and technology is at its peak now, so I guess the manufacturers are more focused on that aspect.  This is just my theory!  🙂

By the way, I just LOVE Joann Fabrics.  I felt like I was in heaven when I entered the store.  I just love being surrounded by all the arts and crafty things.  I seriously can’t wait to begin my sewing adventure!  But I know that choosing the perfect beginner sewing machine is important.

UPDATE:  I just stumbled upon this website:  http://www.sewing-machines-for-beginners.com/.  Seems like a great site for researching my first sewing machine.  I’m off to review it now!  🙂

In other news, I am having a Craiglist yard sale, since we aren’t allowed to have yard sales at our condo.  In general, I hate parting anything, whether a person, a place, or tangible objects.  I have successfully posted Ethan’s Rainforest Jumperoo and Cradle Swing (both made by Fisher-Price) on Craigslist-Ann Arbor.  Let’s see what happens!

♥ Jen


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