Ethan had a hard-boiled egg for the first time today.  I read in Super Baby Foods that eggs (egg yolks in particular) are really good for babies, so I was so excited to feed it to him.  He was initially thrilled to see the egg, as it was a new food for him.  I crumbled up the yolk into small pieces and gave him one.  He seemed to like it at first, then looked unsure after playing around with it in his mouth for a bit.  LOL.  At least he ate some!  I will try again this weekend.  He did, however, like the egg whites.  He kept picking up the whites from the plate and shook his head “no” whenever I tried to put his little fingers on the yolk.  Haha. 

Today was pretty slow.  We didn’t do much.  We stayed in the house all day, which made the day seem long and dragging.  I’m making a mental note to try and plan something everyday, even if it’s just a walk to the park.  My plan to clean didn’t go well either.  I find it is always hard to do any adult-like tasks when Ethan is awake.  He just gets in the way, and I lose focus on the task at hand.  He seems to always need attention whenever it is just the two of us together at home.  I guess that’s natural.  I can’t really complain though — I wouldn’t want it the other way around!  He will always be my little munchkin.  🙂 

We have a playdate tomorrow with some friends, so we will definitely leave the house.  I’m sure Ethan will enjoy playing with someone other than me too. 

11 more days until my family comes to visit!

Good night!

♥ Jen


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