More Flash Cards…

And so my obsession with flash cards continue… I took Ethan to Barnes & Noble today to browse the children’s book selection and to buy myself a coffee from their cafe.  Ethan loved to roam around the sales floor and through the book aisles.  He was actually pretty rampant today.

Anyway, I came across the flash cards section, and saw that they carried the same ones I purchased from T.J. Maxx yesterday, at full price of course.  They were $9.99 each.  Not too bad.  They had the “First Words” and “Things that Go” sets, so I had to get them.  Yes, I had to!

The brand is DK and they make very cute, fun, educational board books too.

I went through the cards with Ethan when I got home, and he enjoyed looking at them.  He knows many of the objects by now, but sometimes has a focus issue when many cards are presented to him all at once.  For instance, if I show him four cards and and ask him to point to a specfic one, he will just point at any of the cards.  Of couse this doesn’t happen all the time, only when he doesn’t feel like focusing, I suspect.  So I like to show him each card individually so that he can really soak in each object.  The words are probably too advanced for him right now, but at least he gets the exposure to them on the cards.

But ok, I think I’m done with flash cards for now!  Ethan has enough to keep him busy in the coming months!

In other news, I found out that Yo Gabba Gabba was coming to town (Detroit) in September.  My little munchkin LOVES that show, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the ad for it!  I’m a little ashamed to say this, but Ethan has been watching the show for quite some time now (I won’t say when we started!) and he has always been fascinated by the characters, songs, and dances.  Anyway, I just purchased two tickets!  One for my husband and one for me.  I am assuming Ethan will be free since he will be sitting on our laps!  I hope this is the case.  I think it is silly to purchase another seat since he won’t be able to sit alone.  I guess we will just have to see!  I don’t think they can turn away this cute little dude at the door.  I can’t wait to take Ethan to the theater!

On another topic, my parents, sister, and nephew will be visiting us in 12 days!  Yay!  I’m so excited.  And so the countdown begins.  We have so much cleaning around the house to do in the interim.  Our guest room/office is in shambles.  We have been using it as a storage room for the past few months.  Tomorrow may just be a cleaning day for me.  Sigh.

Good night!

♥ Jen


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