Flash Cards

Today was a pretty productive day.  I find that if I leave the house early in the morning, I get more done, and I actually feel like I had a wholesome day.  Ethan had a music class today at 9:00am, so that was the drive that got me going this morning!  Perhaps I should schedule more events in the morning? 

I bought Ethan three boxes of flash cards today — one set on animals, another set on numbers, and the last set on basic words.  One of the boxes stated the cards were appropriate for ages 5 and up.  I chuckled when I saw that and purchased it anyway.  I figure it can’t hurt.  I was originally looking into the “Your Baby Can Read” program, but later felt that maybe flash cards and books can do the same.  I decided to try it.

We signed up for a study at the University of Michigan called “Ready to Read”.  I found out last week that they split the group of babies in half by random selection, and one group gets some materials (flash cards and books) to help them learn to read, while the other (control) group gets nothing.  A friend’s baby received the materials (which looked really cool), and we received nothing.  I then later confirmed with the project director that Ethan is, indeed, in the control group.  Oh well.  I got so excited for a moment there when I saw the amazing materials.  I immediately imagined myself going through all the materials with Ethan. 

Ethan’s interest in books had gradually receded within a matter of months.  Well, I should actually say that he lost interest in reading books with me.  He is definitely still interested in books themselves — he loves to throw all his books off the bookshelf and also flipping through the pages.  Hence, I am always trying to find ways to deepen that interest again.  At least get him interested in learning more. 

So, since I was already obsessed with learning materials for Ethan for a while now, I tried to make him some flash cards, which didn’t really go over so well.  We have a really small printer that uses up ink pretty quickly.  The ink on the paper also appeared very dull looking.  So then I was on a quest to search for some simple, basic flash cards.  All I wanted was an image and the corresponding word on the card.  That’s all.  I looked at some cards at a few fancy toy boutiques.  And all I found were some overpriced cards with too much stuff on them. 

I went to T.J. Maxx today and found two sets for $6.99 each.  Bargain price!  And, they were exactly what I was looking for.  Simple.  Very simple.  And Ethan seemed to like them as well. 

I then stopped by at a toy boutique near T.J. Maxx, and came across another set of flash cards that I could not resist getting.  These were simple cards as well.  This is the set that is geared for children ages 5 and up.  LOL. 

When I was finally able to open the package at home, I was very pleased with the purchase.  They were exactly what I was looking for.  OK, well not exactly.  All the pictures were very cartoon-ish, and I would have preferred some real images, but simplicity of the form was exactly what I was looking for.  Oh, and the price was also $6.99.  Good price in my book.  And surprisingly, Ethan kept his focus as we went through each of the cards. 

So flash cards are now off my to-do list!  ☺

In other good news, Ethan fell asleep so quickly tonight.  I usually rock him, or rub his back for at least a half hour before he falls asleep, and I can leave him.  Tonight, it only took 5 minutes.  I think it was due to his one nap he had today, and lots of pasta for dinner.  Haha. 

In more news, I posted a listing on eBay selling a pair of Ethan’s shoes a few hours ago.  Two hours later, someone purchased it!  That made my day.  Really, it did!  So I’m now off to write a thank you note and package the shoes up in a box for delivery tomorrow. 

Good night!

♥ Jen


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