Hello there!  I am very proud of myself for finally starting a blog!  Yay!!!

I guess I should first introduce myself.  I am a first time mommy to my sweet 14-month-old boy, Ethan.  This little munchkin means the world to me.  Honestly, I never really knew or felt such unconditional love until I had him.  My experience so far has been amazing.  Of course there are many exhausting, stressful, and frustrating times, but life with Ethan has been generally fulfilling.  I couldn’t imagine life without him now.

I am a stay-at-home mom and loving every bit of it.  It wasn’t supposed to last this long.  Three months of staying at home turned into six months.  And six months turned into nine months.  Then nine months came… and, well, I think you get it.  Here I am today, at 14 months, still at home with my little peanut.  And I must admit, I truly LOVE it.  I never imagined I’d feel this way though.  I was an extreme workaholic slaving away an average of 60 hours per week at a law firm in Boston before we moved here to Ann Arbor and had Ethan.  And I honestly enjoyed that life once upon a time.  But having Ethan has changed my priorities in life tremendously.

My husband is an Air Force Officer and is assigned here in Ann Arbor, MI as a ROTC intructor for the University of Michigan for three years.  Our three years here will end the summer of 2012.  One more year left exactly.  Then, off to some other location unknown to us at the moment.  This was the first time I’d ever moved with my husband so the transition was a bit rough for me.  I had to leave my family and friends for the first time in my 30 years (yes, I’m old) of life.  Yes, I had lived in Boston for 30 years!  Crazy, huh?  So naturally, I am very close to my parents and sister, and talk to them everyday.  But the phone isn’t the same as the personal contact I used to have with them.  We are still close, but it’s so hard to keep that same, exact bond we once had.  I am really hoping that we move back there for my husband’s next assignment.  I can only cross my fingers right now!

Anyway, I hope that is a good, brief start.  I am taking Ethan to music class in the morning, so off to bed I go!

♥ Jen


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